Omega Opera concerts

General terms and conditions of the auditions


I.General information


Omega Opera Concerts is organized by Omega Music Management (Intelekt Invest ABC EOOD, UIC 201236945). The entire organization

(conducting the auditions, related terms and conditions for participation and awards) is made by OMM. The auditions will take place in the following cities:



Plovdiv    20.05.2022

Vienna     24.05.2022

Milano     29.05.2022

Sofia        31.05.2022




OMM will additionally announce specific information about the exact places and times of the events. The jury members will be announced by the Organizer.The organizer provides a hall, accompanist, and a video recording of the audition (included in the fee).

Optionally, everyone can present themselves with their own accompanist at their own expense.

All information related to the auditions is announced on the official website of OMM: 

Omega Opera Concerts


II. Terms and conditions for participation


Applications for participation shall be submitted as follows:


For the Audition in Plovdiv aplications deadline -     13.05.2022

For the Audition in Vienna  aplications deadline -     17.05.2022

For the Audition in Milano aplications deadline-       27.05.2022 

For the Audition in Sofia  aplications deadline-         29.05.2022 


Right to participate is granted to opera singers of all voices: sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, countertenors, tenors, baritones and basses,

over 18 years of age and not older than 42 years. Participants shall be divided into following groups:


Group I: ages 18 to 26

Group II: ages 27 to 35

Group III: ages 36 to 42


The auditions shall be held in order determined by the Organizer of which the participants will be notified in advance by email.

Applicants who fail to appear in their turn shall be disqualified and the fee they have paid shall not be refunded.

Modifications to the audition program attached to the application are not allowed unless sent at least 3 days before the date of the audition.

A representative of the Organizer shall conduct the auditions at each venue and make a video recording of each individual performance that will then be submitted to the jury.

The jury shall not be present during the audition but will make their decisions based on the videos provided by the Organizer. 


Required documents:


Application form for participation submitted online through the website of OMM: 

Omega Opera Concerts Aplication Form - Omega Music Management


Copy of a document certifying compliance with the age requirement

Brief CV of the artist

Document or any other confirmation of participation fee payment.

All required documents and information are to be sent by email to OMM:


Participation fees:


Group I: EUR 80

Group II: EUR 100

Group III: EUR 120


Once the application form for participation is submitted, the applicant must pay the participation fee within 5 working days or otherwise they will not be allowed to audition. Fees are not refundable.

The above fees represent the exact amounts that should be credited to the Organizer's account.

Any transfer fees, including conversion fees, shall be transferred on the applicant’s account.

Fees may be paid either in Euros or in Bulgarian currency according to the exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank by wire transfer to OMM’s bank account or through PayPal as follows: 

Direct wire transfer:


UniCredit Bulbank



Holder: Intelekt Invest ABV EOOD

Reason for payment: Audition + applicant’s Name and Surname




III. Program


At the audition, each participant must perform at least two and at most three pieces, from two lists

of obligatory works, predetermined and set by the Organizer.


For group 1 - at least two and at maximum three selected musical pieces from the obligatory repertoire

specified in List 1 and List 2. Do not select more than one piece from List 1


For group 2 - at least two and at maximum three selected musical pieces only from the obligatory repertoire

specified in list 2, at least one aria of which must be selected by arias drawn and marked with red symbol *


For group 3 - at least two and at maximum three selected musical pieces only from the obligatory repertoire

specified in list 2, at least two arias of which must be selected by arias drawn and marked with red symbol *


The two lists of required repertoire can be viewed and downloaded here: Repertoire Lists


Each applicant shall be provided a total of 15 minutes for performance.

* All arias (lyrics and music) must be performed as per the original.

* All works shall be performed to the accompaniment of a piano.


The Organizer will make a video of the audition of each participant, which will then be provided to the jury for evaluation of the performance and after the auditions will be provided free of charge to the participant.


IV. Jury and awards


The members of the jury shall be selected by the Organizer.

The international jury composed of renowned musicians shall shortlist the performers who will have the opportunity to participate to the final concert, which will be held on 1.07.2022 in Sofia (the winers and the exact date for the final concert be anounced until 17.06.2022)

More Info about our Jury:

Omega Opera Concerts Jury and Accompanists


The jury will award 10 cash prizes between 200 and 500 Euro and other individual special prizes at the final concert.

In addition to the cash prizes, the jury will award special prizes in form of participation in concerts with an orchestra/piano in Vienna, Berlin, Sofia,Milano,Plovdiv Belgrade and other cities, master classes, creative workshops and auditions, as well as contracts for artistic representation from the agency Omega Music Management.

Candidates who are unable to attend the prizewinners' concert lose their right to their prizes.

The jury shall have the right not to award all prizes.The decisions of the jury are final.


IV. Other


The Organizer reserves the right to modify the conditions of the audition in case of emergency.

The Organizer undertakes, in accordance with the regulations in the field of personal data protection, to collect and process personal data provided by the participants in the audition (including video) only for the purposes, on the occasion and in connection with participation in the audition.

By submitting an application for participation, each participant declares his consent to the processing of his personal data and accepts the statement that can be found here; Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement – Omega Music Management