Audition Fee:

For GROUP A (18-28 years): BGN 195 or EUR 100

Students at conservatories and music universities in age group A benefit from a reduction of fee.

Such applicants must send a copy (photograph) of their Student Record or similar document certifying their current student status to the organizer's e-mail address.


Fee for students up to 28 years: BGN 160 or EUR 80

For GROUP B (over 29 years): BGN 390 or EUR 200


If they wish to use the "video presentation" service, each candidate will have to pay an additional "video submission" fee for their video record to be sent to the "observing theaters".

Video submission fee for both groups: BGN 50 or EUR 25;

For current students aged up to 28 years: BGN 40 or EUR 20

If the applicant chooses to participate in video auditioning to theater observers, he/she must pay the additional video submission fee together with the payment of the basic fee in one wire transfer as follows:


GROUP A: BGN 245 or EUR 125

BGN 195 audition fee + BGN 50 "video submission" or EUR 100 audition fee + EUR 25 "video presentation" fee


GROUP A (students): BGN 200 or EUR 100

BGN 160 audition fee + BGN 40 "video submission" or EUR 80 audition fee + EUR 20 "video presentation" fee


GROUP B: BGN 440 or EUR 225

BGN 390 audition fee + BGN 50 "video submission" or EUR 200 audition fee + EUR 25 "video presentation" fee


Deadline for submitting the documents and making the payment: 10.10.2018


The number of time slots in both groups is limited. The organizer reserves the right to discontinue the acceptance of applications before the deadline in case the audition schedule is full.


Please, book your audition time by clicking here




Payment methods


Important! The above fees are the exact amounts that must be credited to the organizer’s account. All bank charges, including any foreign exchange fees, shall be entirely at the applicant’s expense.


Wire transfer:


Unicredit Bulbank



Account holder: Intellect Invest ABV EOOD


Reason: Audition + applicant’s first and last name

with PayPal

select current fee

Payment through paypal also includes translation fees that are borne by the applicant "