The International Opera Auditions SOFIA

19-21 October 2018


"Perfect organization! Great pianists, place and information about time and place. Schedule respected, positive energy during the whole performances! Bravo pianists!"  Tommaso Scalzi


86 singers from

20 countries

30 theater representatives, prominent  conductors and opera singers

23 observing theater representatives 

86 singers from twenty countries took part in the INTERNATIONAL OPERA AUDITION SOFIA 2018. We had participants from  Austria, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Japan, Switzerland, China, Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, The Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Greece, Macedonia,Germany, South Korea, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania. We are more than happy for this huge interest and we hope that we are going to work together with many excellent singers, who presented themselves in Sofia. 

The singers had the rare chance to sing for a jury panel with 30 theater representatives, prominent  conductors and opera singers from whole Europe. Moreover, we provided the opportunity to send video recording of the singers' audition to 23 another theaters, with whom we collaborate. The jury members general feedback is that the audition level was very high. We would be most happy to provide the singers with as many jobs opportunities as possible, that is why we are in constant contact with our partners. 

A full list of the Jury members on the International opera auditions Sofia 2018 and the observing theaters, you can find here.

 "Happy to be part of a such a great organization with highly professional jury and pianists in a great hall with a wonderful atmosphere."- Besa Lugiqi, Sopran